Python and Django: a perfect tandem

As an agency for websites, online shop creation, and web app development, the guys at SECL Group have specialized in the programming language Python, the web framework, and CMS Django (take a look at Django example websites: they look amazing!). Whether you want to build a completely new solution or equip an existing website with a more modern design and more powerful performance, SECL offers you individual solutions that are precisely adapted to your needs. 

In the following blog article, we would like to introduce you to the Python programming language, as well as the Django Framework. Let’s dive into it!

Python under the magnifying glass

According to TIOBE, a Dutch software company that deals with the popularity of programming languages, among other things, Python is the programming language of the year when it comes to the increase in search queries. If you look at all the measured values, it ends up in 3rd place in the ranking and is directly behind Java and C.

  • At the beginning of the 1990s, the language was developed by Guido von Rossum in the Netherlands at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica. 
  • The open-source software can be used license-free and has already secured a large community online. 
  • Python is a simple programming language that convinces with clear structures, which makes it not only easy to use but also easy to read. But more than simple applications can be developed with it! 

SECL agency offers you any web development based on Python because, due to its particularly good scalability, even complex and large projects can be created with it. Particularly noteworthy is the minimalist structure of the language, with a few keywords and elements of structuring, through which you only need a few lines to program, and thus also leaves less room for errors.

Unlike other languages, Python does not work with parentheses and keywords but with formatting and indentations. As a multi-paradigm language, SECL professionals as programmers are not tied to a special style and can, therefore, always choose the right solution or the ideal style within the programming for the different tasks (everything can be discussed at the project discovery phase).

If you do not want to directly switch your entire project, website, or web app to Python, it is also possible to integrate Python modularly into other languages. Since this easy-to-read language is becoming increasingly popular and stands out as a multitasking talent, many large companies already rely on it. 

One programming language – thousands of application possibilities

The possibilities and benefits of Python are really endless! Let’s take a look at some.

  • A huge advantage of Python is that it is suitable for all common operating systems, e.g., B. Microsoft, Mac OS, and Linux can be used and is therefore suitable for companies of all kinds. At universities and in science, it is used for machine learning and developing complex programs.
  • For Linux distributions, Python is part of the basic equipment and is also used, for example, as a programming language for the mini-PC Raspberry Pi, with which multiple applications and programs can be created alone. 
  • Web servers use the so-called WSGI – a universal interface – to work with Python. 
  • Researchers also use this popular programming language for the topic of AI (artificial intelligence).
  • Well-known projects such as YouTube also use the power and simplicity of the programming language in their favor. Python is also used with different web app frameworks, including SQL Alchemy, Flask, Zope, and Django.

As you can see, the application of Python knows almost no boundaries and enjoys the trust of many large companies. 

Django: so many applications are offered by the framework

As already mentioned, Python can be used ideally with the web application framework Django, which is itself based on the programming language.

Django: in detail

Like Python, Django is an open-source project and thus freely available and is often referred to as the Python variant of RoR, which mainly results from the fact that Django is also based on a DRY schema, which should minimize redundancy as much as possible.

  • Direct storage of applications is possible with Django in several database systems (SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and also a link with third-party providers.
  • The already existing features of the framework can be extended at any time without having to change the original source code, which again represents the great flexibility and the multitude of applications of the framework.
  • Django is considered a framework for perfectionist developers with strict deadlines, as it allows a very fast implementation without compromises.

SECL, as a Django agency, also benefits from this circumstance and thus offers you the advantage of implementing your projects quickly and perfectly. This is particularly beneficial for websites and programs whose content changes frequently and depends on rapid implementation. In addition to news pages, these also include applications such as Instagram, which is based on a combination of Python and Django.

Django is designed for long-term use and also plays out its strengths in structural changes of a project. Thus, the migration of data sets is easily possible, even if the basic structure changes.

Mozilla and Pinterest also rely on the framework and its positive characteristics. It shows its full potential in very large applications. Fast, safe, and stable sites are the result. But even smaller projects and start-ups like to use Django as a framework to create a good basis that can be expanded at will.

SECL professionals are happy to support you and your start-up company in the implementation with our expert knowledge and experience in dealing with Django.

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